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River Valley Planning Modernization

Updated: Jun 20

The City of Edmonton is asking for your input in the final phase of their River Valley Planning Modernization project.  

In their Phase 4 engagement, they are inviting your input to help them: 


  • Finalize the draft system-wide policies that will guide planning and management throughout the River Valley; 

  • Finalize the Land Management Classifications to clarify direction for   appropriate uses in different parts of the River Valley; 

  • Finalize draft spatial guidance (maps) for the study area, access,  gathering and enjoyment in the River Valley, including identifying areas for ecological protection and restoration; 

  • Review the renewed River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan and refine their   proposed approach to land use planning and decision-making in the River  Valley.

They are asking you to provide input in any of a number of ways:

*Survey* Share your input through an online survey. Available June 10 - 28.

*Online Workshops* As a member of the public or a stakeholder organization, participate in a facilitated, online discussion about the project. Workshops will take place on Zoom on: Wednesday, June 19 | 1-3pm;

Thursday, June 27 | 5:30-7:30pm.

*Interactive Map* Share your input on the proposed direction for each of the reaches within the study area. Review maps and draft planning recommendations to help refine their plans for ecological protection and restoration, access, gathering and enjoyment in the River Valley.

For more information on the River Valley Planning Modernization project, visit Ribbons of Green.


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