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Support ENPS

There are numerous ways you can help ENPS achieve its mission. Sign up for a lifetime membership, volunteer for a wide variety of projects and activities, or make a donation. 


ENPS is entirely led and run by passionate volunteers. There are endless opportunities to get involved. Whether you'd like to expand your knowledge, socialize with fellow enthusiasts, or contribute expertise, there is a place for you to grow and develop with us.

ENPS board of directors strategy meeting

Join our society and be heard. ENPS members are invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote on important governance issues, such as the board of directors and key goals and initiatives.

plants Liz Yard.jpg

Donations fund the ongoing work ENPS does. These cover costs including but not limited to plant propagation, tools and supplies for active projects, events, publication of educational materials, plant donations to schools and other public initiatives, and administrative costs.

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