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Thistle Patrol

Project Lead:
Ed Retzer
picture of thistles

A group of volunteers who get together regularly to weed creeping (Canada) thistle and other invasive plants from various natural areas in Mill Creek Ravine.

The Thistle Patrol started in Mill Creek Ravine south of Whyte Avenue. Some of us weed only creeping (Canada) thistle while others weed all noxious weeds and even exotics like small Manitoba maple and cotoneaster from among the native plants.

Volunteers are always welcome to join in. Once on the email list, you will get an email each week with our specific location. By hand pulling or cutting we weed more selectively than the City can through spot spraying or weed-whacking. We recommend bringing some good gloves and wearing long pants and long sleeves.

DATE: Every Tuesday evening beginning in June and ending in September.

TIME: We weed for an hour at a time, beginning at 7 p.m.

SKILLS REQUIRED: A love of weeds. Anything else you will learn on the job!

COMMITMENT: None! Come when you can.

BENEFITS: Good exercise; work with a bunch of great, like-minded people; learn more about the plants, animals, bugs and birds of Mill Creek.

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