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Coal Mine Park

Project Lead:
Dale Ford
image of trees and a sign with information on the pollinator garden

Coal Mine Park  is located near the Costco in St Albert. It is very close to Lois Hole elementary school and the school uses the park for educational purposes.

The Park is the sight of an old homestead in an old growth block. The house has been moved but an old footprint remains in the interior of the park. A walk is in place and some signage has been established but there is a plan to do more. We are starting to naturalize at the pollinator garden which is already established and the plan is to expand into other areas of the park. Getting rid of invasives and restoring native plants. There is a variety of landscapes in the park from forest to dry grassland to wetland where coral roots and other wonderful plants are growing. The more help, the more we can naturalize the location. 

The City of St. Albert is also interested in adding more signage to identify specific plants, pollinators and birds that rely on the plants.

The idea is to provide a showcase for native plants and the animals they support by creating an educational native plant/pollinator/bird walk. 

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