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Native Plants Available June 23

Updated: Jun 20

ENPS Native Plant Sale

Sunday, June 23rd   1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

In the parking lot at the front of

Orchid Resource Centre, 4459 99 St NW, Edmonton

(Plant names in red/orange mean there are limited quantities for these species.)

Common name

scientific name

alpine hedysarum

Hedysarum americanum

arctic aster

Eurybia sibirica

Canada violet

Viola rugulosa

early blue violet

Viola adunca

Ledingham's false dragonhead

Physostegia ledinghamii


Gaillardia aristata

blue giant hyssop

Agastache foeniculum


Heterotheca villosa

heart-leaved alexanders

Zizia aptera

long-stalked chickweed

Stellaria longipes

low goldenrod

Solidago missouriensis

meadow blazingstar

Liatris ligulistylis

nodding onion

Allium cernuum

pink pussytoes

Antennaria rosea

cut-leaved anemone

Anemone multifida

prairie crocus

Pulsatilla nuttalliana

prairie onion

Allium textile

Richardson's alumroot

Heuchera richardsonii

small-leaved pussytoes

Antennaria parvifolia

stiff goldenrod

Solidago rigida


Anemone cylindrica

three-flowered avens

Geum triflorum

veiny meadow-rue

Thalictrum venulosum

wild bergamot

Monarda fistulosa

wild blue flax

Linum lewisii

common wild strawberry

Fragaria virginiana

Come early to get the best selection.  

We have a controlled line up to allow for easier shopping.

Bring a box or container in which to take away your purchase.  (We have a limited number of boxes.)

Bring cash to make your purchase quicker!


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