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My Native Gardening Adventure

Updated: Jun 15

Orignally published in the June 2023 issue of WildFlower News

This is a short account of my "adventure" with native plants in my

garden. I learned about all the positive attributes of creating a

native plant bed from Manna Parseyan of Arnica Wildflowers.

These include benefits to our local birds and native bees, not

needing to water very much at all, and the abundance of beautiful

plants to choose from.

Two years ago, I started by removing some lawn from a sunny area

in my backyard and consulted with Manna about the plants that

might be appropriate there. I hoped to get something to bloom

throughout the season and I wanted some shorter and taller plants.


I ended up planting: rosy pussytoes, blanketflower/gaillardia, three-

flowered avens, prairie crocus, wild blue flax, blue giant hyssop,

stiff goldenrod, low goldenrod, slender blue beardtongue, rhombic-

leaved sunflower, common tall sunflower, yarrow, smooth aster and

flat-top white aster. Since then, my native plant bed has matured

nicely and has given me all I hoped for.

Last year I added some more shade tolerant plants to another area of

the yard. I planted: tall lungwort, Lindley’s aster, false dragonhead,

early blue violet and Joe Pye weed.

I have seen many beautiful pollinators and birds feeding on my native plants including Dark-eyed Junco and Ruby- throated Hummingbird.

Native plant gardening is addictive!!! You are always looking for more opportunities to plant!


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