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ENPS' Bookshelf

A selection of classic and recently published books on botany (with a focus on the flora of Alberta), gardening, and supporting wildlife with native plants. ​

Some titles may be out of print. Check your local library or used bookstores for copies.

*A note on botanical (latin) names: Our understanding of plant species identification and relationships continually changes with an ever-increasing volume of genomics data. As new evidence presents itself, plant species, genus, or family names change accordingly. Old species classifications are sometimes determined to be synonymous (e.g. two previously defined species are actually the same), encompass more than one species (e.g. delimiting cryptic species), or belong to a different clade (e.g. family). Using a tool such as the VASCAN database will help you to navigate the name changes when presented with dated classifications. 

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A Guide to the Common Mosses and Liverworts of Alberta

Miller, Brittney



A field guide to 170 of the most common mosses and liverworts, with illustrated key, species description, habitat information and maps.

Vascular Flora of Alberta: Illustrations and Maps

Kershaw, Linda and Lorna Allen

Self-published. Kindle Direct Publishing


Contains illustrations and distribution maps for over 2000 vascular plant species recognized as native or naturalized in Alberta. Designed as a companion volume for the Vascular flora of Alberta: An illustrated guide (2020).

Native Plants for Prairie Gardens

June Flanagan

Fifth House


A prairie-specific handbook on all aspects of adding native plants to your landscape. Written for gardeners in the northern and central Prairies of Canada and the United States.

Go Wild! With Easy to Grow Prairie Wildflowers and Grasses

Dodd, Cherry and the Edmonton Naturalization Group

Edmonton Natural History Club


The most local native plant growing guide for gardeners you can find! An excellent introduction to native plants suitable for residential urban gardens.

Native Plants for the Short Season Yard: Best picks for the Chinook and Canadian Prairie Zones

Penner, Lyndon

Brush Education Inc.


An informative introduction to native prairie and Rocky mountain plants for gardeners.

NatureScape Alberta: Creating and caring for wildlife habitat at home

Pearman, Myrna and Ted Pike

Red Deer River Naturalists and Federation of Alberta Naturalists


A comprehensive guide to creating habitat for wildlife in your home landscape. Plant charts include wildlife value and plant characteristics. Not all plants listed are native, however origin is noted on the charts.

Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design

Vogt, Benjamin

3 Fields Books


Author Benjamin Vogt shares his expertise using prairie plants in home landscape design. Written for homeowners and gardeners.

Mushrooms of Western Canada

Schalkijk-Barendsen, Helene

Lone Pine Media BC

2021 (3rd ed.)

A comprehensive guide to the mushrooms of Western Canada and neighbouring states. Illustrations and descriptions of over 500 species.

Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces

Lahring, Heinjo

Canadian Plains Research Center


A field guide to over 400 species of water and wetland plants found in the prairies and the northern US. Includes photographs, line drawings, detailed plant descriptions and more.

Flora of Alberta

Moss, E.H.

Toronto University Press


Keys, descriptions, distribution maps. Semi-professional.

Plants of the Western Forest: Alaska to Minnesota, Boreal and Aspen Parkland

Johnson, Derek, Linda Kershaw, Andy MacKinnon

Partners Publishing

2020 (3rd ed.)

Colour photos, descriptions and some keys. Covers most of our local forest plants.

Plants of Alberta: Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Ferns, Aquatic Plants & Grasses

Royer, France

Lone Pine Publishing


An illustrated guide to the diverse and fascinating flora of Alberta.

Wildflowers Across the Prairies

Vance, F.R., R. Jowsey, S. McLean, F.A. Switzer

Greystone Books


A guide to wildflowers of the Canadian prairies. Updated and revised with a new section on grasses, sedges and rushes.

Alberta Wayside Flowers

Kershaw, Linda

Lone Pine Publishing


A guide featuring 112 of the most common native and naturalized wildflowers found in Alberta.

Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide

Kershaw, Linda, Lorna Allen

Self-published. Kindle Direct Publishing


Illustrated keys to all of the native and naturalized vascular plant species known to grow wild in Alberta. Available from Amazon. Watch for updates.

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