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 Photo of Cherry Dodd

Cherry Dodd


Board of Directors

As a child, Cherry was fascinated by the wildflowers in the hills around her home in England. When she came to Canada and settled in Edmonton, she was surprised to find that there seemed to be no local native wildflowers, only some of the familiar ones she had grown up with in England. The nearest place for native wildflowers seemed to be the Rockies. However, one day a friend took her to a local remnant prairie and there she finally discovered all the missing flowers. The site was as beautiful as a mountain meadow, and this trip was the start of her passionate interest in local native wildflowers.

When the Edmonton Native Plant Society was formed, they started rescuing plants from construction sites, and Cherry started growing out these flowers and experimenting with growing them in gardens.

Her latest project is a reclamation site at Bunchberry Meadows where she finally gets to play in the sand.

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